Add a Luxury Touch at Loft

Add a” luxury “touch in your holidays, by renting CL weekly and upon request, you can live the experience of “fine dining” at home.

Choose 2 evenings you prefer and Chef Lorenzo will bring the Italian kitchen in your plate.

You will start the evening by visiting his traditional wine cellar (built by his grandfather Lorenzo), to talk and share opinions about wines but mainly to taste them.

Later on…it’s cooking time. You are free to participate, to learn the recipe and to cook with Chef Lorenzo.

Be part in a different kind of cooking class.

The “ grande finale”…you and your beloved ones, all sitting together at a beautifully made table, looking at the amazing view of Ravello , enjoying your Italian dinner with a glass of the home-made Italian wine…., let the music complete this experience and who knows you might have the chance to say…