The Del Pizzo’s

I always liked to believe that families have a lot in common with recipies.

The members of a family are the ingredients, the ambience they grow up and the influences they get are the cooking procedure, the result is the family itself.

So here is the DelPizzo’s recipe


Mama, Anna-Maria. ( 20 gr)

Barbecue Fattorusso 039

The “legend” of La Margherita (family hotel), she was cooking…

I was looking and learning. She played the major part in all my cooking development, first recipies taken from her…still my favorite dish is “pollo della mamma”.

When I return from my journeys… I can’t wait to sit on the table and eat what she has prepared for me!!!

Papà, Enzo. ( 20 gr)


The “artist”, a musician, a composer, a poet, a writer, just a few qualities of my father.

Always present   to “dress” with his amazing songs, beautiful summer events. Always present in my life as my father and a valuable friend.




My Sister, Laura. ( 20 gr)


“She runs like the wind”.

Mother of 3 wonderful children and executive chef in the kitchen of a luxury “benessere” in Rome.

She has found the way  to adjust our rich in calories South Italian Cusine in a less heavy one.

We organize unforgettable events together.

My Sister, Cecilia. ( 20 gr)


“Happy hour with Cecilia”…and that’s true…because when the guests of Villa Giuseppina visit the bar,

my sister Cecilia welcomes them with her warm smile, ready to offer  them her amazing cocktails and make them feel  special and like their home!!!



My Companion, Athena. ( 20 gr)


“My Greek Goddess”…

Athena organizes me, inspires me, supports and loves me. She is my partner in life and work.

With Athena during the years we have been together we had some great ideas….

The best one we had is our son Vincenzo…now we try our own family recipe…


All the above “ingredients” are around me, I love them, I argue with them, I agree and disagree with them.

We breathe the same fresh air of the Amalfi Coast, we look at the beautiful …full of stars sky, we support, we love and we inspire each other.

In this cooking process of my family’s recipe, I need to send a huge thanks to my grandfather Lorenzo and my grandmother Guiseppina, they were the ones that they open the way to the rest of us. I will always remember and love them.

Cooking time

All my life

Many thanks