Few Words For The Chef

Lorenzo was born in this particular beautiful part of Italy, Amalfi  Coast.

As a kid the memories of his  mother cooking in the kitchen of their hotel, creating little food miracles for the family and for the guests, have captured his mind ,heart and soul.

As he was growing up, along with the studies in hotel management, sommelier and bartender, he was exploring and learning his “passion”….that’s how Lorenzo describes it….. cooking.

After he has completed a successful  professional circle as a many times awarded in National competitions bartender and sommelier he decided that he feels better in his chef’s jacket than in the sommelier  one!!!

The last 6 years he is traveling through the Alps for the winter period working in several private luxury chalets and the summer returns to his beloved Italy to run the family hotel and to cook for his guests.

They say….you cannot understand better a chef than from his plates….

Bon apettito