Cooking Class

Chef Lorenzo shares recipes, ingredients and cooking techniques with you.

Interesting and funny cooking games…

Oops…lessons for kids, adults and adults that still feel kids.

Discover the Italian kitchen from the inside, feel free to make the pizza of your own taste…name it as well.

Wine Tasting

Chef Lorenzo presents his sommelier side and invites you to follow him in his traditional wine cellar , to talk, explore and the best part to taste different kinds of wine. Prepare your mind and body to welcome the experience.

If it happens to arrange your holiday in the period of the vine harvest, and you wish for it, you could participate.

Live Mozzarella Demostration

Name the first 3 Italian words you know…, pasta and Mozzarella.

If you wish to know how this amazingly delicious cheese is produced Chef Lorenzo will arrange a private demonstration for you.